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Use the map to explore the information we have collected on accessible underwater cultural heritage sites in the Mediterranean Sea.

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Public access to underwater cultural heritage

In 2001, UNESCO approved the Convention on the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage. The term (underwater cultural heritage, UCH) includes all traces of human existence having a cultural, historical or archaeological character, which have been partially or completely under water either periodically or continuously for at least 100 years.

Importantly, the convention proposes:

 1.   That in situ preservation should be considered the first option for the protection of underwater cultural heritage.

 2.   That responsible non-intrusive access to observe or document in situ underwater cultural heritage should be encouraged, to create public awareness, appreciation, and protection of underwater cultural heritage, except in cases where access is incompatible with its protection.

Shipwrecks as valuable time capsules

Wrecks, that is, the ship and its cargo, are akin to time capsules. The study of the structure of the vessel enriches our knowledge on the development of shipbuilding and navigation techniques over time. A study of the cargo can determine the origin, type of route, and destination. The ship's equipment and the personal objects of its crew and passengers offer precious information about the day-to-day life on board.

About us

MedDive in the Past has been created as part of the BLUEMED project, which is funded by EU's INTERREG 2014-2020 programme. BLUEMED aims to plan, test and coordinate accessible underwater cultural heritage sites, diving parks,and Knowledge-Awareness Centres to support sustainable tourism development and promote blue growth in coastal areas and islands of the Mediterranean. Visit the BLUEMED project site here.
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