The roadmap for the transfer, replicability and capitalization of the BLUEMED project was developed.

BLUEMED Roadmap is based on the experience gained and the lessons learnt throughout the implementation period of the project.

The Roadmap provides a coherent, long-term, sustainable strategy for the uptake of BLUEMED integrated model in coastal areas and islands of the Mediterranean and the neighboring Seas (e.g. Black Sea) with similar underwater natural and cultural assets. The suggested Roadmap will set the preconditions for taking-up this model and will define the technical, operational and policy requirements to fulfill or other non-technical barriers to overcome. In other words, BLUEMED Roadmap is a comprehensive guide with milestones and steps to follow in successive or overlapping phases.

BLUEMED Roadmap offers guidance to any organization or cooperation structure that wishes to adopt the BLUEMED model regarding the operation of an accessible UCNH site or the realization and operation of a KAC.

Organization types that could potentially utilize BLUEMED Roadmap are:

  • Local public authorities: Local public authorities and development agencies;
  • Regional public authorities: Regional public authorities and development agencies;
  • National public authorities: Competent governmental bodies (Ministries and Agencies of Tourism, Development, Culture, Environment);
  • International organizations: UNESCO underwater cultural heritage sector;
  • Higher education and research: Universities and research institutions specializing
    in sustainable tourism development, underwater research, engineering, archaeology, maritime and nautical archaeology, environmental sciences and other relevant fields to the BLUEMED outputs;
  • Interest groups: Local/regional civil societies and competent Non-Governmental Organizations; Museums; Marine Protected Areas; accessible underwater cultural sites;
  • General public: Local/regional communities, civil societies, visitors;
  • SMEs: Local/regional small-medium enterprises and other economic actors offering products and services in tourism, diving and cultural industries; including also similar actors in pilot locations and BLUEMED partnership countries;
  • Enterprises, except SMEs: Large-sized enterprises offering products and services in tourism, diving, and cultural industries;
  • Education/training centers and schools: Targeted audience for visits to Knowledge Awareness Centers and raise public awareness;
  • Business support organizations: Technological Parks, incubators, accelerators hosting, mentoring, supporting start-ups and new SMEs from tourism, diving or culture sectors.

You may read the full Roadmap here: