Regional Development Fund -Region of Thessaly   

The Region of Thessaly has important competence in project management, financial and time-schedule planning and reporting, due to its experience in EU projects and the management of Programmes of Cohesion Policy. Recently RDFT participated in 2BParks project where the Roadmap was designed to support protected areas managers.  Sustainable tourism and marketing Notebook was developed for public and private operators developing sustainable tourism in Med protected areas. Education and research and awareness raising were supported with the Sourcebook and the linked Education platform which ensured a continuous knowledge system updating for employment potentiality. Raising awareness on the value of protected areas among local people.



Atlantis Consulting SA      

ATLANTIS Consulting is a private firm (est. 1992) is composed of 24 highly skilled employees (engineers, economists, IT experts). The company has experience in the management and implementation of national/international projects in the fields of ICT research, entrepreneurship, innovation policy, evaluation and impact assessment. Through past projects (see Synergies), ATLANTIS has developed significant expertise in all aspect concerning Underwater Museums, MPAs and Diving Parks in Greece: national/regional policies/plans/strategies for development of diving tourism, financial/management models for UMs, MPAs, DPs, diving technologies & innovation, networking of and local community engagement in areas of underwater cultural/natural interest.



University of Calabria  

UNICAL is a public university established in 1972 with about 35.000 students, 806 academics and 676 technicians and administratives. Unical is made up of 14 Departments which offer 75 Graduate Degree Courses. The group involved in the MEDBLUM proposal has competencies and skills (witnessed by several international scientific publications), in the sectors of 3D Reconstruction, Computer Graphics, Industrial Design and Virtual and Augmented Reality.




University of Zagreb Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing                                      

     Development and testing of marine robotic systems to be applied for the specific purpose.                                      







Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism of Italy   

Technical institute for restoration and methodologies for cultural heritage conservation. Important experience: project Restoring Underwater funded by MBACT since 2001, focused on experimentation for in situ conservation, restoration and museum display of UnderwaterCultural Heritage. Conservation and management the Roman villa of Torre Astura, the wreck of San Pietro in Bevagna, the wreck of Cala Spalmatore, the archaeological structures in situ of Baiae MPA. The ongoing project of Baiae focuses on studying bioerosion and biocorrosion of Underwater cultural heritage, control of biological infestation, cleaning of surfaces, restoration of archaeological architectures and 3D documentation of archaeological structures.



University of Cyprus      

OC-UCY has a horizontal role in the partnership and will conduct research on all pilot sites. Specializes in marine biological research, marine biodiversity and abundance, mapping of coastal areas, environmental assessments, water analyses for nutrient concentrations, chemical and molecular approaches for coastal management, monitoring microbial diversity, sustainable bio-production methodologies. OC-UCY actively contributes to the enhancement of knowledge concerning marine life which is essential to the determination of the legislation regarding the adaptation to climate change. Assesses the effects of climate change through the study of biodiversity by monitoring physical parameters and recording invasive species



University of Patras  

UPatras during the implementation of the GIFT 2.0 project launched the International course, training days and workshops: tutorial courses with presentations, examples and exercises. Purpose was to inform the stakeholders about the goals and capabilities of GIFT 2.0 within the ITS framework, the developed platform structure and application in specific case studies. UPatras organized training activities in the field of green energy procurement for the project GRASP that included theoretical and practical seminars. The target groups of the seminars were        mainly Public Procurers and SMEs who are active in the field of Energy. Main objective was related to the enhancement of the skills of all the actors involved.



Fundation University Enterprise of the Region of Murcia  

FUERM mission is to make the transfer between universities and enterprises and develop any kind of projects and initiatives to make the transfer possible. Networking: FUERM counts on more than 250 companies associated to our institution and it has close contacts with most relevant local and regional actors in the Region of Murcia. Training: FUERM has its own Business School called ENAE with wide experience in designing and implementing different training programmes. FUERM has wide experienced working in EU programmes (MED Programme included) and prior experience in European tourism projects, specially projects related with tourism and local community development.



Dubrovnik Neretva Regional Development Agency DUNEA  

RDA DUNEA basic role is to achieve sustainable development of the County as well as to improve and coordinate existing development activities in accordance with the needs of the Region, national requirements and requirements of the European Union in order to plan the future economic development with bordering regions. Specializing in project management, coordination of development strategies, development of joint projects through interregional and cross-border cooperation, advisory and technical assistance to entrepreneurs, organizing various workshops, seminars and events, participation in statistical regions and promoting investment opportunities.




Ministry of Culture and Sports of Greece - Ephorate of Underwater Antiquities 

The Ephorate of Underwater Antiquities has responsibility for:

      - Public and private works at sea (harbor construction etc.)

- Works on the seaside and the beach

- Authorizing for underwater research, piscicultures, aquacultures, shell fishing, cable-layings

- Permission for underwater photography, film making and video recording etc.

- Granting payments for handing in antiquities.

- Handling cases of illicit trade in antiquities and of confiscations, authorizing for permissions for legal antiquities possession.

- Archaeological Inspection for the detection of underwater antiquities.

- Conservation for the protection and prominence of the underwater antiquities.


Associated Partners

Province of Cortone – Marine Protected Area "CAPO RIZUTTO"

The Province of Crotone is responsible among others for the protection and management of the sea area of Capo Rizzuto which is the most extensive of Italy, with a surface of 15,000 hectares of sea and known for its rich underwater heritage.





Municipality of Pylos – Nestor

The Municipality of Pylos-Nestor, in Peloponnese is among others, responsible for the management and protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage of its region.



National Museum of Underwater Archaeology (ARQUA)

The National Museum of Underwater Archaeology. ARQUA is the institution responsible for raising public awareness on the Underwater Cultural Heritage of Spain, promoting the sector of conservation and restoration.

Its objectives are to study, evaluate, research, conserve, promote and protect Spain's Underwater Cultural. Heritage.



Soprintendenza Archeologia della Campania

Is the Head of the archaeological department of Campania. Working under the supervision of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities of Italy.