D2.4.2_Report on articles for media and proceedings for conferences

D3.2.1_State-of-the-art analysis of Underwater Museums and Diving Parks

D3.2.2_Benchmarking Study of successful Underwater Museums and Diving Parks

D3.2.3_Methodology and content development on 'Underwater Natural and Cultural Routes in the Mediterranean' thematic and temporal map

D3.3.1_Assessment reports on national_regional governance plans and actions implementing existing legal frameworks and development of existing tourism strategies

D3.4.1_Consultation report on prospective national regional governance plans actions legal frameworks and development of innovative strategies

D3.4.2_Preservation protocol methodology and guidelines for designing and implementing restoration and conservation plan of UCH

D3.4.3_Reports on reccomendations about the experience design for the realization of KACs and Underwater Museums

D3.4.4_Guidelines for the conservation of the marine ecosystem and biodiversity

D3.5.1_Sustainability KPIs checklists

D3.6.1_Report on the customization of the long baseline (LBL) acoustic positioning for underwater tablet localization

D3.6.3_Report on the technological set-up designed for implementing augmented diving

D3.7.1_Report on the technological solutions (3D rendering_immersive visualization etc.) developed for the Virtual Diving system deployed in KACs

D3.7.2_Study for land planning of KACs

D3.7.4_Report on the GUI_HMI implemented for the Virtual Diving

D4.2.2_Survey and 3D documentation of the pilot sites

D4.2.5_Preliminary marine biodiversity and abundance study of MPA_UM_DP marine areas

D4.4.3_Impact checklists developed (incl. climate change) and report on measured environmental impact to marine ecosystem after completion of pilot activities

D5.1.1_Roadmap for transfer_capitalization_replicability of project results

D5.2.1_Report on the uptake of training activities by local stakeholders

D5.2.2_Final report of BLUEMED process scheme developed for replicability purposes

D5.3.1_Report on synergetic conference for exchange of knowledge within Med community and transfer of results to identified Med locations